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wigwam Park and lake safety


Park and lake safetyabout

Lake safety

All children must be supervised around the lake. We hold no responsibility. No swimming, fishing, paddling or boating on the lake.

No music policy

We have strict no music policy onsite, and noise must be kept to a minimum after 10pm. 

Smoking and E-cigarettes

Smoking and use of E-cigarettes is not permitted in the Wigwam© Cabins or on the decking attached to the Wigwam© Cabin.

Barbeque and firepit

The firepit must not be moved from its position, logs/ kindling for the firepits must be purchased from our site and please do not forage for wood in the woodland. No disposable BBQ Children must be supervised at all times around the firepits when lit. Please be aware of wind direction to ensure smoke does not become an annoyance to other guests

Safe driving

The speed limit is 10mph around the site to protect children. Please be aware of children playing and please do not park/drive on the grass.

Farm safety

Please do not allow children to wander off the Wigwam© area without an adult and please do not allow children to play on farm machinery, fences and gates. Please beware branches may fall off the trees in windy weather. Gates should be left as found and the Country code adhered to, as we have livestock in the fields we ask that you refrain from walking through the fields.

Woodland safety

Children are welcome to make dens but adults are responsible for their safety, please beware during windy weather there may be falling branches. Please do not go into the neighbours woodland clearly marked with private signs.


Are allowed with a maximum of two dogs per Wigwam© in the dog friendly Wigwam© Cabins only. Dogs must be declared when booking and paid for in advance. We have three deluxe en-suite Wigwam© and one Wigwam© lodge fully accessible which allow dogs. Dogs must be well behaved, and kept on a lead at all times. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs and use the bins provided. Dogs must not be kept in the cabins alone or left while the owners are out. No dangerous dog breeds are allowed on site (https://list25.com/25-most-dangerous-dog-breeds & dangerous Dogs Act 1991).We are a quiet site, so please do not allow your dogs to bark excessively or cause disruption

Waste and refuse

Wipes, sanitary waste, nappies, cloths etc must not be flushed down toilets. Items must be wrapped and put in the bin provided. Otherwise it will cause blockages and inconvenience to all onsite.

If you have any other queries regarding your stay please contact Emma directly on 07766295131, 01759 319089 or email ballhallfarm@wigwamholidays.com